About our school


We are proud of being privileged to write a few words in order to introduce you to our primary school ”Volksschule Schwarzautal“.


Our school was built 124 years ago. In the past there used to be more than 300 students at our school. However, today there are only 76 students in the four classes we run.


Apart from ensuring a safe, happy and enjoyable learning surrounding and inspiring learning conditions, we always try to offer a variety of activities and projects so that our pupils are able to gain new experience to broaden their horizons.


So, for instance, once a year, the whole school prepares a festivity, in which every single student is involved by acting, singing, dancing or speaking on stage. Last year the festivity centred around fairy tales. Our students always enjoy the applause and are very proud of their performances. And we, as teachers, are always proud of our children.

Volksschule Schwarzautal